Transferrable skills and a school radio station you'll be proud of.
Full Day Workshop

Our team of media and education professionals will lead pupils through an interactive full day workshop developing skills including digital editing, scriptwriting, voice technique, interviewing and leadership.

Listen Anywhere

Your radio station will broadcast online via our website and through an app, allowing the rest of the school, friends and family to listen wherever they are…with no need for wires.


We are fully licensed with PRS and PPL to broadcast popular music online, which means pupils can include anything from the latest chart hits to local unsigned bands in their programmes.


Our team will be on hand to guide everyone involved through the entire process. Plus our extensive resource pack includes posters to help recruit pupils and promote the project, lesson ideas, instructional guides and much more.

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About Scottish Schools Radio

From your school to the world.

Are you a writer? A tech wizard? A secret blogger? A future YouTube star?

Whatever your interest or skills, there’s a place for you on the team at Scottish Schools Radio.

The Scottish Schools Radio project is an excellent opportunity to develop your raw talent by learning new skills from media professionals and working as part of a team to produce engaging, relevant and fun radio programmes to be broadcast in your school and online.

Once your school signs up, we will run a full day workshop where you will learn the technical, creative and leadership skills required to plan, write, record and edit your own programmes.

Then you will be set to work with your team and individually to create the content for the radio station. Your programmes can be about anything related to school or community life.

We'll be on hand to support and guide you through the process to help ensure you hit the deadline and produce something you'll be proud of.

Your classmates, teachers, parents and people from all over Scotland (and beyond) will be able to listen.

If you’re interested in a career in the media or creative industries, this project will set you up with many of the transferrable skills you will need to succeed.

We look forward to working with you.


The media and education professionals who'll work with you. Hover over the pictures for more information.
Colin Kelly
Co-Founder, Scottish Schools Radio.
Colin Kelly is a broadcaster and journalist known for his work with BBC Scotland, STV and Radio Clyde.
He runs a media training and voiceover business and hopes every school in Scotland will take part in Scottish Schools Radio.
Emma Baker
Co-Founder, Scottish Schools Radio.
Emma Baker is an English teacher in Renfrewshire with a particular interest in promoting media literacy.
She has designed the Scottish Schools Radio workshop to promote the transferable skills encouraged by Curriculum for Excellence.

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