Themed Content Ideas For School Radio Station Broadcasts

The school calendar is always packed with great initiatives and events: Health and Wellbeing weeks, Fairtrade Fortnight, Enterprise Week, Anti-bullying month. Themes are a great way to encourage interdisciplinary learning and ensure pupils make the vital links between the concepts they study in different disciplines. They also bring the school together as a community and[…]

Affordable, Sustainable Schools Radio

Here at Scottish Schools Radio we really do believe in the old adage, ‘Less is more’. When Colin and I devised the project one thing we were clear about was to keep the technology and hardware side of things as simple as possible for two reasons: cost and sustainability. For a school to invest in professional[…]

The Gryffe High School Takeover

“You’ve created a monster!” My colleague laughs as he updates me on the progress of the school’s radio team. “They’ve been in here every lunchtime and some intervals working on this thing.” We’re three months into the Scottish Schools Radio pilot project at Gryffe High School in Renfrewshire where I teach part-time. 12 pupils attended[…]

Project Based Learning – Learning By Doing

‘For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.’ Aristotle Ever since that week where Mrs Henderson turned the classroom into a newspaper office, I’ve been a proponent of project based learning or experiential learning or active learning – whatever name you want to give it. I[…]

Power To The Pupils

‘For the next week this is no longer a primary 7 classroom; this is a newspaper office and you’re all in charge of getting a 5 page newspaper, designed and printed to be sold to the public by the end of the week.’ The room buzzed at the prospect. ‘You’re all in charge.’ We liked[…]